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Participant of the tour-action: Cleanliness and renovation in Nakhchivan fascinates people

Tur-aksiya iştirakçısı: Naxçıvandakı təmizlik, abadlıq və səliqə-sahman insanı valeh edirThe beauty of ancient Nakhchivan fascinates people. There is a nice infrastructure in this land, and the villages and cities have been renovated. Green nature, cleanliness and renovation of Nakhchivan is astonishing.

These words belong to Birjakhanim Aydinova, the teacher of “Taraggi” technical-humanitarian high school.

She noted that there are all necessary conditions in the educational institutions of Nakhchivan. It is vividly seen in the example of Nakhchivan State University. The University has a nice campus and material-technical opportunities. All necessary conditions have been arranged here in order to conduct high level education. When we were in the schools of the regions we also witnessed the establishment of material-technical base for these secondary schools for high level education as well. We saw that interactive lessons are being conducted by the means of electronic boards installed at these schools. The conditions of schools in Nakhchivan are compared with schools of Baku.


Ami Lin: “Today, the fourth generation of technology is in use even in the remotest settlements of Nakhchivan. This is a great success and an important achievement”.

Ms. Ami Lim, vice-president of  China’s “Huawei” company visited Nakhchivan, held business meetings and got acquainted with Nakhchivan.

The guest stated that between “Huawei”, one of the biggest telecommunications companies of the world, and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic an effective cooperation has been established in the past 15 years. She stressed the importance of new technologies in the economic development, and mentioned that Huawei’s cooperation with Nakhchivan will be important in the future as well.

In the frame of the visit the Ministry of Communication and New Technologies of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and “Huawei” company signed a contract on “Replacement of telecommunications networks with a new generation telephone stations in the territory of Ordubad region of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic”.


Rich nature, marvelous historical monuments of Nakhchivan has fascinated the participants of the tour-action.

I've had the opportunity to talk to the students from Baku visiting Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in the frame of tour-action “Let’s discover our country”.

Kanan Bagaliyev, the student of secondary school No.100 Binagadi region, Baku, mentioned that this project plays an important role to increase their knowledge about our country: “I thank the organizers of the tour-action on behalf of my peers. Indeed, every corner of our country is beautiful. I liked Ordubad which is called “Pearl of Azerbaijan”. I got acquainted with the historical monuments which I knew their pictures in encyclopedias and from history books and I have got interesting information about them here. I am very glad to see Gulustan tomb and “Alinjagala” historical monument in the territory of Julfa region. When I return to Baku I will have many things to tell my friends”.


Sanjay Rana, the ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the Republic of India to Azerbaijan: “Nakhchivan possesses rich historical past and culture”.

Sanjay Rana, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of India on March 5-8, paid a visit to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. In the frame of the visit, the diplomat became acquainted with educational, cultural, healthcare and manufacturing facilities of the autonomous republic and held a number of meetings. On the last day of his visit, the ambassador visited the Historical-Ethnography Museum in Ordubad and saw the kahriz in the “Sarshahar” street of the city. The ambassador who parts with Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic with pleasant impressions has shared these impressions with “Sharg gapisi” (Gate of the East).

- First, we would like to know the purpose of your visit to Nakhchivan.

- The purpose of my visit to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic was to become closely acquainted with this region and this acquaintance impressed me a lot. During this period we visited educational, cultural, healthcare institutions and museums of the autonomous republic. I have participated in a number of high level meetings and we have exchanged views on the prospects of further development of cooperation in the autonomous republic. These meetings were interesting and there appeared new ideas for relations between India and Azerbaijan as well as Nakhchivan.  I think that these new ideas will play an important role in further cooperation.


Participants of International Symposium departed Nakhchivan with good impressions

As reported, a scientific symposium  was held in Nakhchivan State University  on November 17-18 titled “ Central Aras Basin against  history and culture background”  Symposium,  held with collective organization of  History Institution of  Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Nakhchivan State University, Ataturk  Supreme  Council of  Culture , Language  and History  under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Turkey, Ataturk  Research Center, Igdir University was appreciated. The director of Ataturk Research Center, Mehmet Ali Beyhan and the teacher of Samsun 19 May University, Ibrahim Tellyoglu shared their impressions with the readers of  “Sharg Qapisi”  about the significance of the event held in Nakhchivan.

The director of Ataturk Research Center, Mehmet Ali Reyhan ; - As we know, the  International Scientific Symposium held is called “Central Aras Basin against history and culture background”  Nakhchivan is located in the center of  the geographical region that we call Central Aras. Nakhchivan is a passage point of the Great Silk Road both to Anatolia and  Asia. From this point of view, Nakhchivan is a historical region and it is advisable to hold such an international event namely here. When it comes to symposium, I can say that the event was perfect. The scientists from Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and its Nakhchivan department, from a number of  Universities of  Azerbaijan and Turkey took part here. During the lectures, interesting thoughts  were stated and discussed  about  the history, geography, ethnography and literature. The evaluations about the results of scientific results were very interesting for everybody. When it comes to my impressions about Nakhchivan, I can say that every city has a sourcing history. And the history of Nakhchivan is as ancient as the history of mankind. Since there is no concrete information  about the creation of  Nakhchivan in any source  dealt with Nakhchivan . So  it means that there has been dwelling in Nakhchivan since the humans existed on the Earth. The geographical position of Nakhchivan is suitable for this, as well. As the history of mankind began from  Mesopotamia and  Aras basins.


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