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The comedy "Cimnaz lady is sleeping" was presented to the audience

Nakhchivan City "Genclik" People's Theater has performed the performance of "Cimnaz lady is sleeping" by People's Poet Suleyman Rustam in Kangarli District Culture House.

The events of performance are taking place in the house of Qafar (actor Akif Asadov). When Cimnaz lady (actress Maral Rzayeva) was 16 years old, she married Gafar, whom she did not love. Cimnaz is a beautiful and well-behaved lady. Gafar bores her with his unpleasant behavior and does not act his age. Cimnaz lady wants to marry her servant Nabat (actress Nurdinar Karimova) to Ali (actor Sultan Safarov) she loves.

The main theme of this performance is the play Cimnaz has made at her home as a theater enthusiast. She tells her servant, Nabat, that when her husband, Gafar, comes home, to say him that the lady is sleeping because she has a headache and do not disturb her.

This play illustrates the first signs of change and innovation that occur in people's outlook, which is the first of the major trends in the new social-political structure.

The production director and artist of the performance is Akif Asadov, music maker is Ali Mammadov.

The play was watched with interest by the audience.

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Date: 20-07-2018
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