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Children spend their their leasure time efficiently

Nakhchivan State Puppet Theater named after M.T. Sidgi in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic has performed the play "Goychek Fatma" by Kamala Aghayeva, the well-known poet and playwright, to the children with disabilities.

The events taking place at the play are based on daily conflicts. The conflict that has taken place in a small family is rising, all benovolent forces turn against this injustice. Fatma has beautiful and noble human qualities. However, after the death of her mother this beauty brings disaster to her. The happy ending of the play sounds like a victory over the evil forces.

The role of Fatma in the play is presented by young actress Laman Ahmadova naturally. The actresses - Ulduz Suleymanova (stepmother) and Vasma Guliyeva (stepsister) are the characters who don't care for the fate of Fatma and punishes her.

The role of Ilqar Babayev, the actor of the theater, as an old granny is particularly interesting. The actor is quite natural.

The actors - Ilham Babayev (Cow) and Suleyman Suleymanov (Rooster) represent the good.

The director of the theater and art director of the performance is People's Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan Shirzad Abutalibov, artistic producer is Rafael Gadimov, composer is Ali Mammadov.

The play gave children a good mood. 

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Date: 20-07-2018
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