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Seminar-training for museum guides at Julfa Region History-Ethnography Museum

On March 6, Julfa Region History-Ethnography Museum hosted a seminar-training for museum guides organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

Speaking the purpose and importance of the event, Gumral Asadova, the head adviser of the ministry on cultural heritage and museum work, made a speech on "The behavior rules of a museum guide" and mentioned that museums of different profiles are operating in the autonomous republic. The museums are paid special attention, their financial-technical base is strengthened, and the professional level of the staff is developed. After the Decree of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic "On strengthening relations with the museums" dated December 19, 2014, there has been a significant increase in the number of museum visitors. This, in turn, requires responsible and active work of museum staff, guides, as well as it is necessary to develop intelligible and fluent speech skills in the presentation of exhibits.

"Since 2015, the acquaintance of the museum guides with the museums in different regions of the autonomous republic is provided through the seminar-trainings", - said Gumral Asadova and stressed that more than 30 events were held for the museum network in the autonomous republic in the last years. Today's event is the fourth one. The main goal of today’s event serves to increase the professional ability of the museum guides, to help developing their theoretical and practical knowledge methodically.

It was noted that in these seminar-trainings the museum guides were also eager to learn more about the functions of the museum and the museum's work. At the same time, these events are important for getting acquainted with the museums in all regions of the autonomous republic. These events give information to the museum guides about the innovations of this field, their questions are answered.

It was stated that consistent measures are being carried out to organize high level of museum activity. The implemented tasks require great responsibility from the museum guides. Today, our museums need to have educated, well-informed, foreign languages-speaker guides who have detailed information about the cultural center they work, and capable of conducting a comparative analysis of exhibits displayed at the exposition. The museum guide should also try to contribute to collect exhibits for the museums. In addition, the museum guides should obey strictly to the rules of conduct with the museum visitors, display them courtesy, should make a good impression with their dress style and intellectual outlook on those who come to the museum. The museum guides should be aware of the museum work and the innovations in the autonomous republic, should answer the questions of the visitors on scientific bases and historical facts. It is of paramount importance to conduct seminar-trainings that allow for the exchange of experience in solving all of these tasks.

Speaking on "Islamic culture and national values", Sayyar Mammadov, the director of the Scientific and Methodological Center on Culture, said that ancient Azerbaijani culture had become a part of Islamic culture and had played an important role in the cherishing of national and spiritual values throughout history. In modern times, intercultural dialogue and cultural integration are of particular importance not only to recognize each other, but also to get to know one another's culture. Today, Islamic and national values are preserved in our country. At the same time, important work has been done in our country to preserve multicultural values.

Then the museum exhibition was viewed, the excursion was discussed.

At the end, the questions of the event participants were answered, methodical recommendations were given related to the guide text and ethic behavior of the museum guides.

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Date: 20-03-2019
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