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Methodical course on Solfeggio, music literature and choirs conducted in Shahbuz

On March 9, Shahbuz City Children's Music School hosted a methodical course on solfeggio, music literature and choirs under the motto "Nakhchivan - The Capital of Islamic Culture - 2018" for teachers of children's music schools subordinated to Shahbuz Region Culture and Tourism Department.

Leyla Alimardanova, the head of the sector of music development and work with educational institutions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, stated that the main purpose of conducting these courses to enrich the pupils' outlook. The acquaintance of the students with general and Azerbaijani music literature plays an important role in the formation and comprehensive development of musical education in them. The main purpose of the methodical courses is to raise the level of teachers' knowledge and to direct those who teach this subject. Teachers have also been given detailed information about the solfeggio.

Then, Nuray Huseynova, teacher of Children's Music School No. 3 named after S.Rajabov, conducted a methodical lesson on "Teaching of solfeggio in the five and seven year's education system". She noted that during the teaching process of solfeggio in music schools, the students should be able to set up the order of Azerbaijani modes, to form the capability of hearing the Azerbaijani modes along with the major-minor system and folk musical samples should be cited in various intonation goals.

Ruhiyya Dunyamaliyeva, teacher of Nakhchivan Music College, conducted a lesson on "Teaching of music literature in the five and seven year’s education system". She noted that in music schools, besides general music literature, Azerbaijani music literature is also taught to pupils. Students get acquainted with a wide range of music literature; acquire knowledge about different genres and features, folk and professional musical forms, and musical means of expression, musical instruments, symphonic orchestras and ensemble structures.

During the lesson on "Teaching the choirs in the five and seven year's education system", Mohtarama Gafarova, teacher of the Children's Music School No. 3 named after S.Rajabov, said that the choral art has an ancient history. It combines the feelings, dreams and the wills of the performers, educates their tastes and hearts. It was noted that composers of Azerbaijan should also pay attention to the love for homeland and patriotism in their choral works for children.

At the end of the methodical lessons some issues were discussed and the questions were answered.

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Date: 20-03-2019
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