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The concert of the ensembles of Nakhchivan Music College

Görüntünün olası içeriği: 2 kişi, iç mekanThe concert of Nakhchivan Music College "Mugham uchluyu" (Mugham trio) and "Sazchalanlar" (Saz players) ensembles was held in Garmachatag village of Babak region on March 9.

It should be noted that the college has achieved success in preserving of national musical instruments and folk songs, as well as studying classical and modern world composers and training young musicians. The graduates of this college serve our music culture while working at cultural institutions, children's music schools in our country. In addition to its activities as an educational institution, it also performs concert programs at popular events and festivals held throughout the country. Over 40 years, various music collectives have been created at the college. Young talents, as well as promoting our music art, also take active part in competitions. Involving new talents to the collective and focusing on the various repertoire are the key issues. At present, the collectives are preparing a new repertoire for upcoming Novruz celebrations. Music collectives of the college actively participate in festivities held in the autonomous republic.

At the concert, "Pashakochdu - Azerbaijan", "Gozallama", "Godakdonu", "Nakhchivangulu", "Jalili", "Daghlar", "Gamarim", "Bash mukhammas" and "Gamarjan" ashig melodies by saz players were acclaimed.

"Vatan yakhshidi" song, "Noleydi", "Alinda sazin gurbani" folk songs were performed by Mugham trio of Nakhchivan Music College. At the end of the concert, the diversity of our mugham were demonstrated by the performances of "Dilkesh", "Shur" and "Segah" tasnifs by Mugham trio.

The concert gave a good mood to the border villagers.

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Date: 20-03-2019
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