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Nakhchivan-Ashabi-Kahf-Nakhchivan route launched

The route Nakhchivan-Ashabi-Kahf-Nakhchivan was launched on May 18. Due to the received information from Natig Hasanov, head of sector of the State Transport Service of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic stated that, as a result of the attention and care of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, the dynamic development of the Autonomous Republic, as well as other spheres, has had a positive impact on the transport sector and the measures taken in this direction created favorable conditions for the comfort of people. He noted that the new Nakhchivan-Ashabi-Kahf route is started in order to ensure the comfortable travel of many tourists, pilgrims, visitors, as well as residents of the autonomous republic, who want to go to the "Ashabi-Kahf Sanctuary" Religious and Cultural Monument Complex, which has ancient beliefs, miraculous secrets. Being two times a day route will be departing from the bus station in Nakhchivan at 8:30 and 14:00 to Ashabi-Kahf, at 12:00 and 17:00 and vice versa. Taking into account the passenger density, there will be four routes on Saturdays and Sundays. The bus stops are defined in front of the “Tabriz” and “Grand” hotels, as well as the “Cahan” Trade Center, to help the guests coming to the autonomous republic to benefit from this route efficiently.

While being at the bus station, we got closer to the passengers who were going the "Ashabi-Kahf Sanctuary" Religious and Cultural Monument Complex. Khatin Ibrahimova, a resident of Aliabad settlement in Nakhchivan told us that, from her early ages, she and her family used to go to Ashabi-Kahf, and after visiting there, they used to return home with a sense of moral comfort. However, it was not possible to go to the sanctuary at any time, because previously the route was not operating in this direction. Even if we were two, we used to take a car. No doubt, that was over our family budget. I was very glad when I heard the route would be opened two or three days ago. Especially I would like to state that as the Ashabi-Kahf departure and arrival expenditures take very small amount of money, so anyone who wishes will have the opportunity to go. This means both material and spiritual support to people. As a resident of the city, I appreciate our state for the conditions created for us.

Among the visitors, there were lots of students. One of them, resident of Shaki region Revane Aslanova is a second year student in Nakhchivan Teachers Institute on elementary school teaching. She says that during my two years in Nakhchivan, I have been in a number of sightseeing places of this ancient land. Previously, if we wanted to go to Ashabi-Kahf with our students, it was meant to be today. Using the new route, we will not have to pay extra, and we will be able to visit this holy place as the bus is waiting there for 2 hours and 30 minutes. On behalf of all my student mates, I express gratitude to our state.

It should be noted that in the future it is planned extending this route to Duzdag Physiotherapy Center.


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Date: 17-08-2022
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