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A seminar on “National cuisine of Nakhchivan” held

On December 10, 2020, “Nakhchivan cuisine” Culinary Center held a seminar on “National cuisine of Nakhchivan” for students studying in the specialty “Technology teaching” at the Nakhchivan State University. Matanat Guliyeva, the head of the chair “Methods of teaching” of the pedagogical faculty of the Nakhchivan State University made an opening speech at the event. She noted that such events play an important role in the study and promotion of national culinary samples.

Later, Sitara Rustamova, the director of the “Nakhchivan cuisine” Culinary Center informed the students extensively aboutthe activities of the Center. The speaker stated that according to the Decree of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic dated April 9, 2009 “Nakhchivan cuisine” Culinary Center was established. Collection, preservation, studying systematically, development and promotion of samples of ancient cuisine as well as customs and traditions of our national cuisine and sample of folklore are the main courses of activity of  “Nakhchivan cuisine” Culinary Center.

Having a rich history and peculiar traditions Nakhchivan cuisine is an important part of the culture of the national cuisine of Azerbaijan. Like all regions of our country, Nakhchivan also has its own culinary culture. Clay kilns, rough-walled pots, pottery fragments, pottery samples found in Nakhchivan during archeological excavations and tools used in our kitchen today prove the antiquity of the culinary culture of the region. The diversity of the culinary culture of our ancient land, the richness of delicious food to suit every taste, the use of a variety of items and accessories in our cuisine show that the rich heritage formed over thousands of years has undergone a great development and is preserved to this day. The presence of 9 out of 11 climate zones in Nakhchivan, geographical position of the area, its rich fauna and flora are some of the main factors determining the richness of our cuisine. In this cuisine, which has an ancient history different types of dishes are cooked using flour, vegetables, meat and dairy products. Shah pilaf, piti, dash kuftasi, gurut ashi, arishta ashi and so on. are the most ancient examples of Nakhchivan cuisine.

It was emphasized that in May of the current year Nakhchivan city ice-house -  the building of "Milli yemekler" LLC public catering was launched after restoration and reconstruction. “Nakhchivan cuisine” Culinary Center, which currently operates in the ''Milli yemekler" LLC, carries out systematic work to preserve and promote this culture, which is one of the oldest and most colorful cuisines in the world, formed by passing from one generation to another. In addition, in order to promote the samples of national cuisine to a wide audience, a YouTube  channel of  “Nakhchivan cuisine”  Culinary Center was created and videos reflecting the ways of preparation of our national dishes were shoot and posted on this channel. Filming is currently underway and the channel is being enriched. The center also regularly shares various information and photos related to the national cuisine on its Instagram and Facebook pages. Currently, work is underway to develop the website

It was noted that the “Milli Yemekler” public catering LLC, which operates under the “Nakhchivan cuisine”  Culinary Center, offers customers samples of national dishes and tea tables at affordable prices. The modern service conditions created for the activity of the enterprise allow to organize a high level of public catering service here, to provide meaningful rest of local and foreign tourists, especially to promote Nakhchivan cuisine. In addition, there are social network accounts called “milli yemekler_buzxana” of “Milli Yemekler” public catering LLC. Through these accounts, information about its activities and dish samples is shared.

Then Elmaddin Gasimbayli, the engineer-technologist of the Center gave detailed information to the students about the ways of preparation of dishes, such as govurma, yarma, arishta ashi, as well as jams, compote, and pickles belonging to  Nakhchivan cuisine. It was stressed that mastering the ways of preparation of our national dishes, preparing and using these dishes from time to time is important in terms of not forgetting these dishes, preserving them and handed them down the future generations.

The mentioned culinary samples were demonstrated through slides and the questions of the students were answered.                             


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