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Nakhchivan- capital of Azerbaijani culture

On August 11, David Santulli, founder and president of the International Non-Profit Organization “United Planet” (, located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, working to build strong ties between cultures and peoples, together with his sons, visited Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. After returning to his country, he wrote an article titled “Nakhchivan - Capital of Azerbaijani Culture” and posted on website. We present this article to the readers.

As the founder and president of the International Non-profit Organization “United Planet” ( which works to build strong ties between cultures and peoples, I had the opportunity to travel the world both professionally and with my family.

I recently visited Nakhchivan with my children Troy and Tristan, with the support of the travel company “Natig Travel” and we were very pleased with it. Nakhchivan, one of the most spectacular places that we visited, is rich in natural beauty, ancient history and hospitality. Located between Turkey, Iran and Armenia, Nakhchivan is not only a cultural capital of Azerbaijan, but also entire Asia. The visit to the Republic of Azerbaijan can not be completed without travel to Nakhchivan. Nakhchivan is also known as the homeland of Prophet Noah. According to the legend, Noah’s ship sank during the world flood and struck magnificent Hachadagh in the area. Local people also claim that the salt mines here also confirm that the area was under water.


A public catering facility that promotes national kitchen samples

Everyone goes to different places with his children, family after his daily routine and leisure time at weekends. Today, there are several exemplary recreational areas, public catering facilities in Nakhchivan city. “Nuh yurdu” (Noah’s land) restaurant has its own place located in Atabeyler block.

Designed on a special project, the restaurant has become a favorite place for families in a short time with its fine contributions to the landscape of our city, as well as delicious national dishes. The “Nuh yurdu” restaurant is very picturesque and tastefully built. There are all conditions for the rest of the residents of our city, as well as the guests coming to the autonomous republic, national kitchen samples are also introduced.

It should be noted that the ‘Nuh yurdu” restaurant, with a total area of 8,424 square meters consists of a café around the lake, two and three-storied restaurant buildings with different design, and the ship resembling Noah’s Ark.


The development of tourism is in the center of attention in the autonomous republic

In modern times, tourism has become one of the dynamically developing areas of the economy for its role in the socio-economic life of society. Today, tourism plays an important role in opening new jobs and providing efficient employment of the population.

Development of tourism in our country is connected with the name of national leader Heydar Aliyev. After our national leader returned to power for the second time, this field was in the spotlight, for the first time on June 4, 1999, the Law “On Tourism” was adopted, the legal basis of tourism, the rules for the effective use of tourism resources were defined.

The strategic line determined by our national leader in the field of tourism is successfully continued in our country, including the autonomous republic. During the past period, the infrastructure of the autonomous republic has been renewed in all spheres, modern roads have been built, ancient architectural monuments reflecting our historical memory have been restored and returned to their former appearance, new hotels and recreation centers have been built, Duzdagh Physiotherapy Center and Daridagh Arsenic Water Treatment Facility have been reconstructed at the modern requirements.


Reading day was dedicated to People’s poet

On August 11, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Children’s Library named after Adil Babayev organized day of reading for young readers dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the national poet of Azerbaijan Mirvarid Dilbazi in the yard of the No. 1 residential building in Tabriz Street in the capital of the autonomous republic.

Opening the event, deputy director of the autonomous republic children’s library Kamala Aghayeva informed the children about Mirvarid Dilbazi’s rich poetry. It was noted that the works of well-known People’s poet are read with pleasure today. The poet was well-known as a good translator. Her translations from Nizami, Khagani, A. Navai, A. Pushkin, N. Tikhonov, S.Mikhalkov, S. Marshak and others are also read with interest.

Then the collaborator of the library Mehriban Seyidova talked about the life and creativity of the People’s poet. It was stressed that Mirvarid Dilbazi was born on August 19, 1912 in Gazakh region.


Employees of China’s prestigious CCTV-4 channel shot in Nakhchivan

China’s prestigious CCTV-4 television channel has dedicated its next launch to Azerbaijan, entitled “Homeland - Country of Dreams”. On August 3-9, the filmmaking team of the TV channel shot in  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

The first day of the visit they got acquainted with Nakhchivan State Carpet Museum and “Nakhchivangala” History-Architectural Museum Complex. The next day   guests who started shooting in Nakhchivan Regional Information Center for Disabled Persons were informed that “Huawei”, one of the leading companies in the world of information and communication technologies, started its activities from Nakhchivan in Azerbaijan. Distant Learning Center was established in Nakhchivan Regional Information Center for Disabled Persons in 2014 within the framework of cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and New Technologies of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

The guests came to “Nakhchivan” University and got acquainted with the Information and Communication Technologies Center here. Then the shooting team visited Duzdagh Physiotherapy Center. It was noted that the center is one of the main health tourism objects in the autonomous republic. Hundreds of people from around the world appeal to the center.


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Date: 09-07-2020
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