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The next training seminar for museum guides at the House-Museum of Husein Javid

Conducting training seminars for museum guides of the autonomous republic is continued. The next event was held at Husein Javid’s House Museum and Memorial Complex in Nakhchivan city.

At the event holding by the organization of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, collaborator of the ministry Gumral Mamiyeva made a speech on the topic “Behavior rules of museum guide” and mentioned that the training seminars have been holding since last year are very important. Last year, 11 events were organized for museums in the autonomous republic. Today’s event is the thirteenth seminar-training in 2017. The main purpose of the seminar-trainings for the museum guides is to eliminate the existing shortcomings and deficiencies in the organization of excursion work in museums, to increase the theoretical and practical knowledge of museum guides. The seminar-trainings were useful for museum guides, the museum guides not only try to learn more about their functions, but also got   detailed information about the museum work. Conducted training seminars were also useful in creating conditions for museum staff to get acquainted with museums located in all regions of our ancient land. In the seminar-trainings museum guides are also told about innovations in this field, and their questions are answered.


The autonomous republic has potential opportunities for the development of rural tourism

Everyone loves to rest in hot summer days. In this season, there are a lot of people who spend a lot of money on a meaningful leisure on the far journey. However, there are some people who choose the villages within the greenery only a few hours away from the city they live in, for which rural tourism is the most affordable type of recreation. Interest in this type of tourism, especially in the developed countries of Europe, is increasing in our country, including  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Our rich natural tourism resources and renewed social infrastructure are key factors for this. Rural tourism is economically profitable, and very easy from organizational point of view. There are no difficulties in organizing this type of tourism compared to others. For example, for those who live in Nakhchivan city or other cities of the autonomous republic, during the summer vacation, when traveling to Bichenek village of Shahbuz region or Chennab village of Ordubad region, you can see it more clearly when compared to any tourist center near abroad. Thus, it is possible to organize a recreation program for a family of four in one village for at least twenty days at a cost of one week on a foreign tour. Moreover, as rural tourism is mainly related to domestic tourism, tourists do not even have problems with language problems or visas. This type of tourism, besides saving tourists’ expenses, is a source of income for the population of the villages.


An event was held on traffic rules

On August 9, the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Children’s Library named after Adil Babayev, State Traffic Police Office of Nakhchivan City Police Department and the kindergarten No.10 jointly organized an event named “Light the blue and open the way…” related to traffic rules. Kindergarten children, teachers and parents attended the event held near kindergarten No.10 in Nakhchivan city. Participants of the event had signs showing traffic rules in their hands.

Opening the event, director of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Children’s Library named after A.Babayev Kamaladdin Akhundov spoke about the purpose and significance of such events. It was noted that the goal is to direct the attention of the children to the safety rules on the road, to inform them about the rules of traffic. Knowing these rules, children can explain these rules to their peers.


The film “Missing memories” was demonstrated in Julfa region

On August 8, at Culture House of Julfa region, the film “Missing Memories” by Elkhan Jafarov was demonstrated jointly by   Nakhchivan State Film Fund and the Culture and Tourism Department of Julfa Region.

It was mentioned that the film was produced at “Azerbaijanfilm” film studio named after J.Jabbarli. Film shootings were conducted in Brest, Minsk cities and Vileika district of the Republic of Belarus.

The film tells about the fate of a soldier who defended the Brest fortress against the Nazis in 1941 and fought for protection of his native Karabagh from Armenian invaders after 50 years. [3][4][5] The protagonist of the film is a participant of two wars. The events in the film reflect the view of the Russian officer in the Karabakh war. Russian captain Vanya, who fights on the Armenia side in Karabakh, kills veteran Azer and then finds the old Azerbaijani sniper’s diary. The Russian officer, who learned that his grandfather fought with veteran Azer in the Great Patriotic War, endangered his life in order to deliver his dead body to the Azerbaijani side, as well as the events of 1941-45 appear on the screen, when he reads the diary.


Day of Azerbaijani cinema was celebrated

On the basis of the Order of Heydar Aliyev dated December 18, 2000 “On establishment of Day of Azerbaijani Cinema”, every year August 2 is celebrated as “Day of Azerbaijani Cinema” in our country.

On August 2, on the occasion of this day an event was held at Nakhchivan State Film Fund. First, the participants of the event watched “Jirtdan” (elf) animated picture at the cinema hall of the State Film Fund.

Director of the Nakhchivan State Film Fund Mirakif Seyidov made a speech at the event and mentioned that national leader Heydar Aliyev always displayed great care and attention to the development of national cinema. The development and innovation, progress and quality changes in our cinema became possible thanks to the exceptional services of this genius personality.

Azerbaijani cinema which is 119 years old today, had passed a honorable way in difficult periods of the history. Our film history has have  hard times for many years, but despite of this, our cinema has had cultural events, has always preserve history of our people, national traditions, national values, and has become a favorite art, influencing all aspects of our lives.


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