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The next training seminar for museum guides at the Museum of Heydar Aliyev

Conducting training seminars for museum guides of the autonomous republic is continued. The next event was held at the Museum of Heydar Aliyev. 

At the event holding by the organization of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, collaborator of the ministry Gumral Mamiyeva made a speech on the topic “Behavior rules of museum guide” and mentioned that the main purpose of the seminar-trainings for the museum guides is to increase the theoretical and practical knowledge of museum guides in connection with the organization of excursion work in museums. During these events, the guides not only try to learn more about their functions, as well as got detailed information on the museum work. Conducted training seminars were also useful in creating conditions for museum staff to get acquainted with museums located in all regions of our ancient land.


Children benefit from library services

“Summer Reading Hall” was organized for  30 students who lagged behind their classes in the summer season by Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Children’s Library named after Adil Babayev. Measures for I-IV pupils started on July 1 and regular attendance of pupils was provided. The students attended the “Summer Reading Hall” twice a week. The event will end on August 25. Throughout this period, teachers have been taught the secrets of knowledge by using 100 textbooks. Lessons were taught mainly by experienced librarians. Only English and mathematics were taught by the teachers of school named after Heydar Aliyev and  Nakhchivan city secondary school № 4. The organization of this event was also appreciated by the parents of those pupils.

In addition, during the summer season,  the library staff organized the exhibition of new books and reading days  for 11 times in Heydar Aliyev Avenue, “Chanlibel”, “Gochustu”  neighborhoods,  in the yards of the buildings of Tabriz, Istiglal, Jalil Mammadguluzadeh, Nizami streets in Nakhchivan. Nearly one thousand students participated in these events, of which 200 were accepted as permanent readers of the library.


The monument built in honor of the leader of the Sheikhs - Usif Kuseyir oghlu tomb

Nakhchivan, the cultural center of Azerbaijan, is rich in historical monuments, preserving the rich heritage of our ancestors, reflecting the magnificence of the Eastern architecture and Turkish-Islamic culture. One of such monuments is the tomb of Usif Kuseyir oghlu, the first result of Achami’s potency, dating back to VIII centuries ago.

The double dome structure of the tomb is an example of the only monumental monument that preserved its previous shape until our time. We interviewed Fakhraddin Safarli, director of the Institute of History, Ethnography and Archeology of Nakhchivan  Branch of ANAS, correspondent member of ANAS, to get information about this ancient cultural monument, which is a witness of our great history. He noted that this monument was built  by  one of the greatest representatives of Nakhchivan-Maragha architecture and the Azerbaijani architecture  architect Ajami Nakhchivani in 1162. This information is mentioned in the inscription on the upper surface of the dome. The monument consists of an underground vault and a towershaped part. As the vault is under ground, the tomb looks like a single-layer tower from outside. The aboveground part of the monument is octagonal both from inside and outside.

As the tower of the tomb is made of internal and external recesses,  the corner sections in the form of thick supports make   a constructive system similar to the cage structure. This structure also reinforces the visibility of the outer appearance of the monument. The main issue is to provide the longevity of the building, which intermediate walls are not so thick, due to the constructive strength of the corners.  It is the result of  mastery engineering that Usif Kuseyir oghlu tomb  is the only tomb having upper pyramidal cover and remaining undestroyed during 800 years among the towerformed tombs in Azerbaijan. All eight surfaces of the tomb were decorated with different geometric ornaments. These ornaments were assembled  with   baked small bricks and then were reinforced againist  the surfaces by joining a frying fan form with a lime solution. I must note that construction of Usif Kuseyir oghlu tomb and also its decorative laying was built of one material, with qualified burnt bricks. This one rises the completeness of simple, clear and pure geometric shape of monument and gives a common, expressive and reddish picteresque to the tomb. This picturesque is enriched with the prismatic base, pyramidal dome, sinuous face, rich light-shade ranges.


There are potential opportunities for the development of rural tourism in Nakhchivan

AZERTAC published an article entitled “There are potential opportunities for the development of rural tourism in Nakhchivan”. We present this article to the readers.

There are wide opportunities in our country, including Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, to spend leisure time effectively and have a good rest on hot summer days. At this point, rural tourism attracts more attention. Because rural tourism is the most profitable and most beautiful recreation.

 It is gratifying that, this is the type of tourist that is gaining popularity in the world, especially in developed European countries, is growing in our country, including the autonomous republic. Rich natural tourism resources and renewed social infrastructure are key factors for this.

Rural tourism is economically profitable, and easy to organize. There are no difficulties in organizing this type of tourism compared to others. There are no difficulties in organizing this type of tourism compared to others. For example,   during the summer vacation, when traveling to Bichenek village of Shahbuz region or Chennab village of Ordubad region, you can see it more clearly when compared to any tourist center near abroad. Thus, it is possible to organize a recreation program for a family of four in one village for at least twenty days at a cost of one week on a foreign tour.   This type of tourism, besides saving tourists’ expenses, is a source of income for the population of the villages. Renting a part of the villagers’ house or yard, providing tourists with daily food products is a good source of income. Today, the rapid improvement of infrastructure in our villages, the improvement in the living conditions of the population by increasing in incomes, are also among the positive factors. Undoubtedly, villages’ exotic atmosphere for city tourists,   the attractive village views, interesting traditions, kitchen samples prepared with ecologically clean and unique menu are the main motives, yet the modern living conditions are considered to be one of the most important conditions. In other words, there are very interesting elements of attraction for urban tourists in the countryside.


The next Saturday concert took place in Nakhchivan

The next concert organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic was held Clock Tower in Nakhchivan on Saturday.

Starting from June, Saturday concerts are held for the meaningful vacations of people in parks and squares of Nakhchivan city. The “Shealala” Instrumental ensemble of the Culture and Tourism Department of Nakhchivan City performed an interesting concert program.

Lyrical and cheerful songs of our well-known composers Rauf Hajiyev, Haji Khanmammadov, Ibrahim Topchubashov, Emin Sabitoglu and others made good impressions on the residents and guests of our city.


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