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The film “Missing memories” was demonstrated

The film “Missing Memories” produced by the “Azerbaijanfilm” studio in 2015, was demonstrated by Nakhchivan State Film Fund in Kangarli District Culture House as part of the “Day of Azerbaijani Cinema” project.

Before the film, Shanhayat  Safarova, the collaborator of  Nakhchivan State Film Fund, spoke about the development path of the Azerbaijani cinema and informed the audience about the new fictional films shot in the years of independence.

It was noted that scenario writers are Konstantin Vorobyov and Yaver Rzayev and is of war subject. The film is about the fate of a soldier who had fought the Brest fortress in 1941 and fought for protection of Garabagh from the Armenian invaders after 50 years.

We must note that the film dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the victory over fascism was filmed in Minsk, the capital of the Republic of Belarus, in the popular   Brest city, Vileyka district and in Azerbaijan.


The successe of Babek Region Folk Theatre is growing

Necessary conditions are established for the activity of folk theatres in the autonomous republic. The folk theatres operating in some regions attract attention with their performances.

Recently, we were in Babek region. As I wrote articles about culture, I wanted to visit the cultural centers here, and I was interested in the work of the folk theater. The actor of the theater, Honored artist   of the Republic of Azerbaijan Vidadi Rajabli informed us about the history of the theatre located in the building of the Culture House of Babek Region:

The roots of the theater art in Azerbaijan are related to the life, social life, festive and wedding traditions, as well as outlook of people. The spectacle elements in the ceremony, ritual and games played an important role in the creation of an independent folk theater. The repertoire of the folk theater consisted of small-scale performances with ethical content.  Folk theaters played an important role in the formation of Azerbaijani professional theater. The history of the theater art that dates back to ancient times begins with Mirza Fatali Akhundov’s “Vizier of Lankaran Khanate” and “Haji Gara” staged in March and April 1873 in Baku.


The number of tourists coming to Nakhchivan has increased

The number of tourists who dream of a meaningful holiday using the rich tourism resources of Nakhchivan and turning it into reality is increasing year by year. This year’s summer tourism season can also be considered successful. Thus, in January-July of 2017 there was an increase in the number of tourists traveling on different tourism routes in the autonomous republic. According to statistical data, 224 thousand 936 tourists came from the other regions of our country and foreign countries, which is 4% or 8652 more than in the corresponding period of 2016. Tourists coming to  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic travel mainly on treatment, religious visits, acquaintances, business meetings, scientific, transit, mountain, ecotourism, and rural green tourism.


Nakhchivan Tourism Information Center implements consistent measures for the promotion of autonomous republic’s tourism potential

Today, complex measures are being carried out in Nakhchivan to expand tourism activity, which plays an important role in accelerating socio-economic development. The purpose of the establishment of Nakhchivan Tourism Information Center with the Decree of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of May 15, 2006 is to accelerate the work done to promote the tourism potential of the autonomous republic.

One of the main activities of the center is informing local and foreign citizens applying to this cultural institution. However, the center also performs other tasks. Thus, the preparation and publication of visual aids reflecting tourism potential of the autonomous republic, the formation and servicing of the Tourism Information Bank, promoting the tourism potential of the autonomous republic by using internet resources, establishing contacts with other tourism information centers operating in the country and sharing information and exchange of information are the among of  the tasks. The website of the center reflects the innovations in tourism field in the autonomous republic, visitors are provided with detailed information about hotels, restaurants, museums, shops, rented houses, historical and cultural monuments, tour companies, guides and so on.


A concert was held in order to hold the school holidays efficiently

On August 16, a concert was held in order to hold the school holidays efficiently at Culture House of Julfa Region.

Before the start of the concert, it was noted that children are the future of each state, each nation. Today’s children will be the brightest figures of our state and our nation in the future. If it is important to deal with their education, upbringing, daily concerns, their entertainment and spiritual needs are also important. If we want children   to integrate into society as an individual, then all of the above should be provided for them. Our great leader Heydar Aliyev, who always paid attention and care to children, said: “Children are our future, the future of our country, our nation, our state will depend on how we will bring up our future”.


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